Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The End

Wow, I have actually made it to the end of the year, and missed only one day! It has been an interesting (in the Chinese sense) year, and while memorable, not the best year ever. It is nice to have a memory aid like this to look back.

Have I learned anything? Well, we have a lot more pictures this year, but not many feature me. The photo album is a bit lopsided that way.

I still enjoyed the Project 365 idea, so much that I started one for 2011. Join me at http://persnicketyproject365.blogspot.com/

Day 365- Finished

15 March 2011- Finished the scarf, and the blog
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Day 364- Buildings

14 March 2011- The tops of the buildings in Wolloongabba. Traffic was slow, so I had a chance to catch the photos.
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Day 363- A future project

13 March 2011- ordered from Sublime stitching, kokeshi teatowel. To be embroidered
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Day 362- Unique Corn

12 March 2011- A unique corn on the cob store at the Eumundi markets
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Day 361- Not good

11 March 2011- What seemed like a pleasant Friday took a very nasty turn. Given that I used to live in the area affected by the earthquake and the tsunami (Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture) and know people who live in the area this was not good. Glued to the tv and computer
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Day 360- Yuzu lip gloss

10 March 2011- On one of my two 365 blogs there is a picture of my sublime lip balm. This is a japanese brand (famous Kyoto makeup brand) with a lovely yuzu scent
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Day 359- Meta

9 March 2011- This screen should be familiar
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Day 358- Pear

8 March 2011- A new variant of pear- Red delicious?
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Day357- Knitting

7 March 2011- We picked up a ball of pom pom wool, and I have started a shawl
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 356- South Bank

6 March 2011- ONe of my favorite parts of South Bank. I can remember when these posts simply had wire between them and a few small plants starting to grow. It's taken a few years but now there is this awesome tunnel effect.
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Day 355- Hairbrush

5 March 2011- I was determined to make sure I took a photo this day- so I took it early.
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Day 354- Snowflakes

4 March 2011- My bank made me angry. So I called them, and had a heated discussion about why they are sending me a defunct card that the ATM will eat. Then I turned their letter into a snowflake
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Day 353- Tree trunk

3 March 2011- I wonder what caused the holes in the trunk?
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Day 352- I don't know

2 March 2011- A ceiling vent of some kind at myu office. Not the air con, because that runs in strips. I was back at work, but my tummy muscles started to hurt, so I lay down on one of the unoocupied desks (we have a whole section of those, I wasn't next to anyone working) to try and make things better. Instead I got this lovely picture.
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Day 351- elements of life

1 March 2011- A bottle of New Zealand water. I love the bottle shape. Unfortuntely this water is not stocked anywhere in Brisbane and we only get it once a year, at an NZ wine tasting event. We get quite a few bottles though!
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Day 350- ready for the next month

28 February 2011- I constructed the calendar animal for next month. Wonder why they choose a porcupine?
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Day 349- Boredom

27 February 2011- So bored, I resorted to half self portraits.
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Day 348 - Work in Progress

26 February 2011- While I recovered, I did a fair amount of stitching. This is a Christmas napkin, preprinted with an embroidery design.
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Day 347- Paperwork

25 February 2011- The pre-admittance paperwork for the hospital. nothing like stressing over the inevitable.
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Day 346 - Lip balm

24 February 2011- I have a lot of lip balm. The combination of air conditioning + 40 or more stitches in my lower lip means that that lip dries out a lot. THis stuff is great because it has a nice citrusy zing.
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Day 345 - The backroom- still organised

23 February 2011- Running out of things to photograph
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Day 344 - Waiting to catalogued...Still

22 February 2011- I have taken a picture of these before, but they are still in the same spot. Not catalogued yet. Note the inhaler though- Greg is still sick.
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Day 343- more rain

21 February 2011- Not the most well composed picture ever, I know. This is Greg sweeping the floodwaters out. The back door of our house is flush witht he ground, and no sill. There is a concrete ramp sloping DOWN to the tiny concrete patio, one very small pie that backs up and a leaky gutter. Result- the laundry (but only the laundry) floods when we have heavy rain. MOst of the time we have precautions (rolled up towels) to prevent it, but the severity of this storm was not anticipated.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 342- Detail

20 February 2011 - I have already blogged about making this memo board, here is some detail of the elements.
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Day 341 - Bird of Paradise

19 February 2011- A bird of paradise flower- growing as shopping centre parking lot flora.

Day 340- The view from the front door

18 February 2011- The veiw from the front door. I took the picture as it looked like there was finally going to be some building in that empty lot. Nothing further has happened.