Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 333 - Story Bridge

11 February 2011- A view of Brisbane's "iconic" Story Bridge.
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Day 332 - Squares

10 February 2011 - a fountain in Brisbane
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Day 331- Quillow

9 February 2011- The two fabrics on my quillow- a stripey shirt fabric and a navy backing. The quillow is a blanket that folds into its cushion cover pocket to form a pillow.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 330 - Eat your fruits and veggies

8 February 2011 - Some of the veggies and fruits prepped for dinner- here capsicum pieces and pears. We have some new pans that cook the veggies quickly and don't mix flavours- the pears are amazing.
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Day 329 - I'm confused

7 February 2011- On Monday nights I play touch footy. Our field went severly under water in the floods, so lately we have been playing at Annerley. I noticed this sign next to the vigourous soccer training session going on. Clearly management hasn't passed the message to the coaches
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 328 - Getting organised

6 February 2011 - We bought a bunch of these compartmentalised boxes last month, with the intention of getting organised. I have been going through my boxes of random assorted stuff, putting each thing in its place, and actually being able to get rid of some stuff. This box contains my beading things (pretty much untouched since high school), some sewing embellishments (japan) and assorted buttons.
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Day 327 - Progress

5 February 2011 - Stll working on this cross stitch design. I am a very slow stitcher, and don't have enough time to do much each day. Thinking about what I can do with this when done- maybe a cushion?
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 326 - Water

4 February 2011- Or more accurately, water bottles. We moved offices in December and this one doesn't have a plumbed in water filter/chiller. So the office supplies water bottles. I don't think they knew about my 2 litres a day habit when they made that decision. I don't drink juices or soft drinks, so the only cold option is water. I drink a lot of it as it then prevents me from drinking many cups of coffee (bad) or eating too much chocolate (also bad). Plus, it is really important to stay hydrated, and I don't tend to get the right signals in a humid climate. Dehydration is horrible.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 325 - What's happening?

3 February 2011 - We went into the CBD for dinner with a friend, and had this drama to entertan us while waiting. The man on the ground seems to have done something, possibly in the strip club just there as they are interviewing a few people. Something dramatic enough to require 6 cops, 2 security guards and a bouncer. Not sure what happened later, he wouldn't get off the ground, and they brought a paddywagon but then we left.
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Day 324 - Train

2 February 2011 - With the floods knocking out my regular parking spot, and the alternative being irritating and annoying and generally not fun we have been taking the train more often. It's actually a shorter walk form the tain station to work than from alterna car park to work. My normal car park is very close to work. Yes I have grown lazy in terms of walking to work, but the car park is just so darn convenient.
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Day 323 - It's pink

1 February 2011- This flower came with the servicing of my car. I don't know whether this is a gender thing, I dropped the car off, but Greg picked it up. I wonder what they would have put if they knew a man was picking the car up. Or maybe the same. I kind of prefer the jar of jelly beans that I used to get with my old Volvo.
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Day 322 - My and my shadow

31 January 2011- What happens when I am bored. I had soccer training and then dashed off to a touch footy game. I had to wait a little before the game and amused myself with camera. It was interesting seing how different movements translated to the shadow, my hand was held out to the side, not near my face.
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