Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 214 - On the train

15 October 2010 - The perils of taking photos from the train. We went past some amazing scenery and I wasted a lot of time trying to take photos of it- not easy from a speeding train.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 213- Mining

14 October 2010 - This photo was taken by Greg (for some reason I decided not to take any decent photos, and this one is a good representation of the day). This is one of the models of mining at the Iwaki coal mining and fossil museum (which has recently undergone renovations, but kept these fantastic life size scenes.) This is "raccoon dog mining" at some point in the Edo period. These scenes actually make it one of the more interesting mining museums I have been to (and I have been to a few).

Day 212 - memories

13 October 2010- First day in Japan and a photo of Mr Donut stuff. This is one of the few things that seems to be the same in the town where I once lived. Not great coffe and the donut type thing pictured was apparently not good

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 211 - Somewhere over the Pacific

12 October 2010 - View from the window of the plane

Day 210

11 October 2010 - The yellow line- This is what the yellow line looks like in QR stations./ Our train was stopped due to signal failure and the doors were open

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 209 - Time to study

10 October 2010- The jacaranda trees generally bloom in late October and November, right around the time of exams. For Brisbane students, the saying is that if you haven't started studying by the time the jacarandas bloom, it's too late. Students may hate them, but the rest of us like the purple flowers.
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Day 208 - At the Laundromat

9 October 2010 - We do own a washer, but not a dryer, bu 3 straight weekends of rain have been a little diffuclt in terms of drying the laundry, and with an impending trip we paid a visit to the laundromat to ensure dryness. We weren't the only ones
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Day 207 - Tree

8 October 2010
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Day 206 - Working so hard

7 October 2010- He just finished doing the tax returns for the two of us.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 205 - You say tomayto, I say tomahto

6 October 2010- Or is it the other way round? I get easily confused.
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Day 204 One green bottle standing on a door...

5 October 2010 - This pizza place has doors as tables.
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Day 203 -Button up!

4 October 2010. No explanations here
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 202

3 October 2010- The leaves on my potted lime tree, after the rain
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Day 201 - Scissors

2October 2010 - My embroidery scissors
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Day 200 - BBQ

1 October 2010- We went out for dinner in the city- thought we would try a Korean BBQ place. This one was packed, with a queue just to get seated, there was some grumpiness in the air at our table but then the meat arrived.
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Day 199 - Curtains

30 September 2010- We went to see the Cuban National Ballet perform Don Quixote - waiting for the curtains to go up.
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Day 198 - Trivia time

29 September 2010- Post trivia relaxing, listening to the answers.
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Day 197 Rain

28 September 2010 - It started to pour in the afternoon.
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Day 196

27 September 2010 - A view of the Brisbane river, from my car.
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